Pregnancy is one of the best moments in the life of a couple. In addition to the many positive things it brings, it can also bring along several unwanted issues. During pregnancy, many couples are really excited, particularly in the initial stages and also need answers to their questions. For example, when will the child be born? When was the child conceived? To answer some of these most popular queries, a gynecologist can use a conception date calculator at to come up with answers.


Conception date calculator using due date


This is calculated by factoring in menstrual cycle, ovulation, and due date. It's the most popular method of finding the conception date of your baby. Many women have a menstrual cycle that lasts 28 days, and ovulation is thought to begin on day 14 and conception often occurs during the ovulation period. In a few rare cases, it's also thought that conception occurs after or before ovulation. Once the gynecologist determines the due date, they'll subtract 266 days from that to arrive at the conception date. Visit this website at for more details about pregnancy.


Conception calculator for knowing the baby's sex


You need to analyze the exact ovulation cycle to do this. The baby's sex depends on chromosomes. A girl is conceived once X chromosomes are fertilized while a boy is conceived when Y chromosomes are fertilized.


Due date calculator using conception date


Due date may be determined after dates are calculated at You can simply do this by adding 9 months to it. You can also find out due date without basing on conception date. You simply take the last day of the monthly cycle into account as ovulation also happens at this time. For ladies with menstrual cycles shorter or longer than the usual 28 days, they should use different calculators, using that same method though.


Calculating conception date using birthday


In most cases, the predicted date of birth for your child might not be the same, so the whole calculation may go wrong. Therefore, couples can determine the conception date again, this time using the exact birthday of the child. This is mostly done by parents who want to have a second child.



Once you have the necessary information about the conception and due date of your child, you can start making the necessary arrangements. You need to know that pregnancy is a thing of nature. Your baby will come when he/she is ready. You can get an accurate or inaccurate result. It really depends on your readiness to receive the baby.